Thorough Examinations

A Thorough Examination for a forklift truck is equivalent to an MOT on a car. It is a legal requirement under law and must be carried out at least every 12 months. Depending on the application, the intensity of use and the nature of any attachments, the regulations may require this interval to be reduced to 6 or even 4 months.. A Thorough Examination is defined by the Health & Safety Executive as below:

“Thorough Examination of Industrial Lift Trucks is required under health and safety law: LOLER 1998, which covers lifting equipment, and PUWER 1998, which deals with all other safety-related items, such as brakes, steering and tyres. Your regular inspections as part of a preventative maintenance scheme or scheduled service are not a Thorough Examination.”

You can see all the components which form part of a Thorough Examination by clicking on the link below: