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The Forklift Company are proud sellers of the SAMUK forklift range. The majority of our SAMUK range is manufactured at the Hyster Yale Maximal factory.

Established in February 2006, Hyster Yale Maximal is situated in the Lushan Industrial area. They specialise in materials handling equipment, design and manufacturing.

Their facility covers a total floor area of 133,334m2 and boasts a production capacity of 30,000 units per year. Maximal have acquired 7 national invention patents and more than 7- utility model appearance patents.


Maximal Forklifts State of the art facilities

The facilities at Maximal are state of the art and below are a few examples of what Maximal forklifts has to offer:

  • Advanced Parts Processing Centre
  • Robot Welding Equipment
  • Automatic Hoist Conveyor Lines
  • Coating Lines
  • Assembly Lines
  • Forklift Performance Test Lines
  • Parts Test-Bed
  • ERP Information Management System.

Our Maximal Range

SAMUK M Series

The M Series is the first-generation forklift designed by the Maximal engineering team. The M Series features world class design thanks to the advanced technologies and superior componentry. With its striking appearance safety and design, the M Series has attracted a worldwide audience.

SAMUK A Series

The new A Series forklifts are engineered to provide a higher level of comfort and safety for the driver. The A Series forklifts feature lower noise levels, less vibration, and a higher level of safety. Every feature has been carefully designed to ensure an improved driving experience.

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