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If you’re on the look out to boost or start you fleet in the Nottingham area the forklift company is the most cost effective forklift hire provider within the market. We have a leading stock profile for rental trucks which means we can meet your needs and make the process has hassle free as possible.

Our hire builder is easy to use and will provide an instant quote straight to your chosen email address. Alternatively, if you wish to discuss your fleet needs with call us today on 01827 874728


What options do we provide for Forklift Hire in Nottingham

We pride ourselves on covering all needs of our customers when it comes to forklift rental our options in Nottingham include short term forklift hire and long term rental.

For more information on these options please see below:


Short-term Forklift Hire and Rental in Nottingham

The first option is short term hire which we provide on a 1 day to 3 month basis. This option is good to cover temporary fleet breakdowns or seasonal peaks. We offer next day delivery on our hire contracts in the Nottingham area.

The key features of our short-term rental are:

  • 1 day to 3 month hire options.
  • Next day delivery
  • Fixed priced delivery
  • Hire from as little as £69+ VAT per week.

If a short term forklift hire sounds like the solution for you and you are based in Nottingham or a surrounding area please fill out our simple hire builder for an instant quote or call us today on 01827 874728.

Long-term Forklift Hire and Rental in Nottingham

Our second option is long term forklift hire. This is idea if you are introducing your first truck to your warehouse set-up or expanding your fleet. The Forklift Company offer a cost-effective solution for either scenario. We also offer the flexibility of changing equipment throughout the term of the hire contract should your needs change during the time of the hire.

We also offer cover for repairs, breakdowns and maintenance on all of our long-term hire contacts. This allows our customers peace of mind to know they are covered if any issues are experienced during the time of the hire contact. Your monthly payment will cover the above.

The key features of our long-term forklift hire in Nottingham are:

  • Hire options up to 5 years
  • Huge range of equipment options.
  • No capital outlay to use the equipment
  • Fixed budgeting
  • Breakdowns, Repairs and maintenance are included in your monthly payment
  • Options to change the equipment should your operation change

To get a quote for our long term hire options please fill out our simple hire builder for an instant quote or call us today on 01827 874728.



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