Forklift Operator Training

The Forklift Company Ltd can provide accredited training for your operators, on your site, via our network of instructors. Having operator training not only ensure that you have a safe workplace, but also increases productivity and lowers damage to both products and facilities.

Having your forklift operators correctly trained is an obligation under The Provision and Use of Working Equipment Regulations (1998) to make sure that your operators have adequate training in the following:

  • The correct use of the equipment
  • Any risks from its use
  • Appropriate precautions to take

The training courses offered by our instructors will ensure that you fulfil your legal obligations.

In addition to training your operators in how to correctly operate their machines we also offer:

  • Truck care training – ensuring your operators know how to correctly carry out the basic checks on your machines to make sure they are in a safe condition to begin work at the start of the working day, and be able to carry out basic housekeeping tasks such as correctly topping up fluid levels etc.
  • Familiarisation Training – if your operators are already licensed and you change your machine or your premises then the operators will need familiarisation training. Our instructors can provide this for you.

If you need a bespoke training package, our knowledgeable team can provide anything you need. Prices for our most popular courses are below:

  • One day refresher course – £275.00 + VAT (up to 3 operators)*
  • 2 day conversion course – £550.00 + VAT (up to 3 operators)*
  • 3 day experienced operator course – £825.00 + VAT (up to 3 operators)*
  • 5 day novice operator course – £1375.00 + VAT (up to 3 operators)*
  • 1 day familiarisation training – £275.00 + VAT (up to 3 operators)*
  • 1 day truck care training – £275.00 + VAT (up to 10 operators)*

*All the above course timings are subject to the instructor and dependent on your operators ability and may be subject to change.